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It's ferret madness!

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This is Chester. He's a bit flabby, but he's still handsome!


All hail Flower; Queen of the Ferrets!


Read about Pokey here


Ferrets are just about the sweetest little animals you can have as a pet. They can be affectionate, playful, and they never seem to grow up. They're easy to take care of, and if you're gone all day and can't play with them, they're content to just sleep until you come home to play. There are many misconceptions about ferrets; namely that they are wild animals. They are not! They've been domesticated for over 2,000 years, and could not possibly survive in the wild. Their distant cousins, the black-footed ferret, were thought to be extinct, but are currently making a slow comeback in the wild. For more information about the domestic ferret, follow any one of the excellent links below.


This is the motherlode of all ferret Websites. If you can't find it here, it ain't on the Web!

The American Ferret Association. A good source of information about legal issues, veterinarians, breeders, and shelters.



The Ferret Liberation Organization. Join Sarge and Casey on their secret missions! Dook!


A French-Canadian ferret site. Deuk!


Meet Virgule, the bilingual ferret!

Dook deuk!