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My Portraiture Technical Info

For most of my studio work, I shoot a Pentax ME Super with Takumar 28-80 f3.5 zoom, zoomed out to the far end, and opened wide up. I use tungsten lighting almost exclusively, so I correct with a 80B blue filter. My key light source is usually a homemade tungsten photoflood softbox with 600 watt bulb. I usually either bounce or soften other lights as well, and usually use some sort of hair light or backlight.

For female models, I usually prefer full-frontal, flattening lighting. For males, a more dramatic, side-lit approach. In existing light situations, reflectors for shadow fill are my first choice, but I'll occasionally use fill-flash. I really like those big collapsible round reflectors for doing location work, and I use a Photoflex 52" model, along with the Photoflex arm mounted to a light stand, when I don't have an assistant. When outdoors I usually use a mild warming filter, and I often prefer to shoot just before dusk if possible, to get yet warmer skin tones.