The Amazing Spitfire 2000!

While driving through Quebec City in June of 1998, I stumbled onto this Spitfire. Hope you appreciate it as much as I did...

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Although I don't speak a word of French, and Serge doesn't speak a word of English, the universal language of cars was working great. Serge's attention to detail on this car was incredible.

  Anyone who knows anything about Spitfires knows that the last engine they were built with was the 1500 (actually 1493cc); before that were the 1296cc and 1147cc versions. So how can there be a 2000? Well, if you're Serge Auclair from Quebec City, you're nutty enough to shoehorn a turbocharged, intercooled Mitsubishi 2000 under the bonnet. Speak French? Here's where you can reach Serge:

Click to enlarge   All seams have been filled; the normally capped body seams on top of the rear quarter panels have been shaved and filled; the bonnet has been modified with a custom teardrop bulge. The top and sides of the bonnet are vented with custom louvers, all meticulously crafted. Unseen modifications abound, including radical suspension mods, lowering the car at least an inch.
The original 4-speed gearbox has been replaced by the Mitsubishi automatic. Oh well; some things are just necessary evils, I guess...

Notice the custom "Spitfire 2000" decal.

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Click to enlarge   Serge put me in the passenger seat and fired up the 2-liter Mitsu. Soon after warmup he revved that sucker up to 6,500 RPM. Man, I thought that thing would come unglued! Notice the absence of a clutch master cylinder, and check out his clever location for the air cleaner... This car is a major understatement. Very clean job.